Brutalist share their first single in four years, ‘South Street’

Accompanied by a James Johnson-directed music video.

Production duo Brutalist have reconvened for their first single in four years, ‘South Street.’

The project – composed of Seekae alum John Hassell and electronica artist Lucian Blomkamp – released the new single today (July 30). Its release has been accompanied by a new music video, directed by James Johnson.

Watch it below:


In a press statement, Hassell explains that the song’s title alludes to “an unsuspecting street in West London,” where he used to live.

“There was always a wistful melancholy to the place, and this track was the final track written there before my friends there had to move out. It only felt right to make some kind of homage to it.”

Brutalist originally formed in 2016, not long after the dissolution of Seekae. Around the same time, Blomkamp released his second solo album ‘Bad Faith.’ The pair’s eponymous debut mixtape under the Brutalist name was released later that year.

In the intervening years, Hassell has relocated to France. Blomkamp, meanwhile, has focused on his solo career under the moniker of Lucianblomkamp. Earlier this month, Blomkamp released ‘Madison,’ a collaboration between himself, Darcy Baylis and Nearly Oratorio.


The project’s debut EP, which will include ‘South Street,’ is set for release on September 18.

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