Brutalist share immersive music video for new single ‘Balsalke’

Their ‘Michael J Fox’ EP is out now

Brutalist have shared a new music video for ‘Balsalke’ featuring LYAM, the lead single from their latest EP.

Directed by hyper-realism artist Tristan Jalleh, the immersive video overlays animation of stone and steel with the driving beat of the production duo’s new track. The distinct vocal line of the song arrives courtesy of UK rapper LYAM.


The new music video coincides with the release of Brutalist’s ‘Michael J Fox’ EP, which was announced last month. It’s the latest offering from Lucianblomkamp and John Hassell, who first met in 2015 before joining together as Brutalist.

“The EP is a dark and frenetic mix of tracks drawn from the last few years of Brutalist collaborations,” said Hassell via a press statement. “Michael J Fox, whilst also the celebrity superstar we all know and love, was also the legitimate name of a colleague of mind when I was teaching at a high school in London.

“He was in many ways an unsung hero. For instance, he single handedly prevented the school science laboratory from burning down after a troublesome kid lit an aerosol can alight.

“Despite all of this, the EP’s only named as such as I lost a bet to him over a game of football. Nevertheless, he’s still a top bloke.”

Both producers worked on the ‘Michael J Fox’ EP from opposite sides of the world, with Lucianblomkamp based in Melbourne and Hassell recently settling in Marseille.


Brutalist’s new material marks a recent return to releasing music after a four year absence. During this time, Lucianblomkamp continued his solo work and contributed to the songwriting and production processes for artists such as Mallrat, Teischa, and Eliott.

It’s not the first collaborative release for Lucianblomkamp this year, who shared new track ‘Madison’ on July 2 with fellow prolific Australian producers Simon Lam (KLLO) and Darcy Baylis.

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