Brutalist share new single ‘Movements’, announce new EP

Their EP 'Michael J Fox' is out later this year

Australian production duo Brutalist have shared a new single titled ‘Movements’.

The track is lifted from their forthcoming EP, ‘Michael J Fox’, which is slated for a September 18 release through Good Manners.

Listen to ‘Movements’ below:


Brutalist is comprised of Melbourne producer Lucian Blomkamp and Seekae founding member John Hassell, who currently resides in France. The EP was put together remotely, with the two members working almost entirely from different hemispheres.

“‘Movements’ came about after a very harsh English winter, where there was an overwhelming sense of claustrophobia,” Hassell said on the track’s creation. “That desperate need to move despite everything telling you not to. It doesn’t aim to provide hope or comfort, but rather an erratic desire to feel somewhat free.”

The two initially met at a show five years ago where Blomkamp was supporting Hassell and immediately bonded over their shared taste and appreciation for music.

“He introduced me to Arvo Part, and I introduced him to Prokofiev,” Blomkamp said. “Pretty dorky stuff, but straight off the bat it was apparent we had a lot of similar musical interests.”


While Seekae disbanded in 2016, Blomkamp has been working on his solo career under the moniker of Lucianblomkamp. His last release was the 2019 EP ‘Motto’.

Earlier this month, Blomkamp released ‘Madison’, a collaboration between himself, Darcy Baylis and Nearly Oratorio.

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