Watch BTS’ Jungkook cover blackbear’s ‘Smile Again’

“i love u jungkook,” wrote blackbear on Twitter

Jungkook of BTS recently covered blackbear’s 2020 song ‘Smile Again’, eliciting a reaction from the American musician.

In the early hours of July 30, the South Korean singer took to livestreaming platform V Live to perform a laid-back “mini-concert” for fans, where he sang a variety of covers, including BTS’ tracks as well as some of his solo songs.

During his broadcast, the 23-year-old musician also sang a rendition of blackbear’s ‘Smile Again’ from his 2020 album ‘Everything Means Nothing’. “And sometimes love will leave you / Even when it’s right / But I was happy for awhile / And I don’t know how I’ll smile again,” he crooned along to the instrumental.


When the livestream ended, fans began asking blackbear if he had heard the K-pop idol’s cover of his song. “Where?!,” he excitedly responded to one fan. Soon, presumably after listening to the cover, blackbear tweeted, “i love u jungkook”, alongside a bandaged heart emoji.

The BTS vocalist has previously shown his love for blackbear in the past, even including the American singer’s song ‘Do Re Mi’ in the 2017 version of his public playlist on Spotify. Moreover, the boyband have been following blackbear on Twitter since 2020.

Apart from ‘Smile Again’, Jungkook also covered several hits such as Silk Sonic’ ‘Leave The Door Open’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Peaches’ during his V Live broadcast. He also sang his solo songs ‘Euphoria’ and ‘My Time’, as well as BTS tracks such as ‘Baepsae’, ‘So What’ and more.


In a recent interview, Jungkook opened up about how BTS’ success “also feels like a burden”. He shared that he felt weighed down by the recognition the group has received, as it pushes him into a cycle of constantly thinking he has to work harder. “That’s what I’m like,” he said. “BTS are an amazing team, but maybe my problem is that I’m not able to keep up with BTS.”