BTS’ Jungkook explains why he deleted all his Instagram posts

“I didn’t know you could ‘Archive’ pictures, I just wanted to make it look nicer”

BTS member Jungkook has revealed why he deleted all the posts on his personal Instagram account.

Last week, the singer wiped his Instagram account clean of posts and story highlights. Several fans has managed to capature the K-pop idol in action while he was deleting his Instagram feed, with some speculating that the deletion might have been a glitch on the social media platform.


In a Vlive broadcast held yesterday (June 7), however, Jungkook confirmed that he did delete all of his posts on the social media platform and reassured fans that he did it because he simply had a “change of thought.”

“A reason [behind deleting my Instagram posts]? Absolutely no reason at all. It’s not because something happened. I just didn’t like how it looked,” he explained. “Communicating with you on Instagram through posts is really precious and great, and I have it all in my heart.”

Jungkook went on to add that he did not know that archiving posts was an option, later expressing regret over his decision. “I do think that it’s too bad that I just erased it all,” the idol added. “I didn’t know you could ‘Archive’ pictures, I just wanted to make it look nicer.”

He added that he will be posting things differently and jokingly asked viewers for permission to start over on Instagram. “I can do that, right?” he asked laughingly. “I didn’t get permission from you to erase them but I did get permission to try again.”

In other news, BTS have shared the first music video teaser for their upcoming single ‘Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment In Life)’. The track will feature on the band’s upcoming anthology album ‘Proof’, which arrives on Friday (June 10).

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