BTS’ Suga reveals he keeps music “at a certain distance”

“I don’t listen to music unless I’m working on my own music. I keep it as far from me as possible”

BTS member Suga has opened up about the evolution of his relationship with music over his career.

In an interview with GQ Australia, the South Korean rapper and producer shared that he is trying to limit his exposure music in order to “carry on for a long time” as a musician. Suga had been deeply involved in the making of boyband’s music since their debut in 2013, and has been credited as a songwriter on the majority of their discography.

“I don’t listen to music unless I’m working on my own music. I keep it as far from me as possible. I seek music only when I need it,” said Suga, adding that he felt that it was necessary in order to continue making music. He revealed he had adopted this approach around five years ago, and that he had used to like music “too much”.


“If you love something too much, there comes a time when you have to give it up for that very reason. You need to keep it at a certain distance if you want to pursue it for a long time and if you don’t want to be consumed by it,” explained the 28-year-old musician. “If you give it too much meaning, it becomes very difficult to continue.”

“I think it was the right move. I can let it flow naturally and not try too hard,” reflected Suga, who explained that it had also allowed him to learn to rely on his bandmates’ help when faced with issues. “Of course, I still have a sense of responsibility, but it’s nice to know that there are people who will catch me if I make a mistake,” said the BTS member.

BTS are currently on an extended period of rest for the first time since 2019 following their four sold-out headline shows at LA’s SoFi Stadium and their appearance at the LA stop of iHeartRadio’s 2021 Jingle Ball Tour. “The period of rest will produce the members of BTS… a chance to get re-inspired and recharge with creative energy,” Big Hit said when announcing the break.