Buck Meek shares new single ‘Candle’, co-written with Big Thief bandmate Adrianne Lenker

From his solo album 'Two Saviors', out next week

Big Thief‘s Buck Meek has shared a new single, ‘Candle’, alongside an accompanying music video, directed by Riley Engemoen.

The new track is lifted from Meek’s forthcoming new album, ‘Two Saviors’, which is slated for a January 15 release on Keeled Scales.

‘Candle’ was co-written with fellow Big Thief bandmate, Adrianne Lenker. It also marks the third single from the new album, following ‘Second Sight’ and ‘Pareidolia’.


Watch the music video for ‘Candle’ below:

“I was making my escape when the siren’s song caught me a mile up the road,” Meek said about the song in a press statement.

“My nose started bleeding by the second note, so I lit a candle to keep moving. I may have died and woke in heaven’s motel, with a telephone seashell at the bedside. It rang in waves and waves spoke, and waves heard through me.”

‘Two Saviors’ was recorded and produced by Andrew Sarlo, who also produced the first four Big Thief records.


The album was recorded in New Orleans, with all parts tracked strictly within seven days. The recording process was unique – each band member was not allowed to listen back to any takes until the final day in the studio.

Sarlo used a similar technique when remotely producing Meek’s earlier standalone single, ‘Roll Back Your Clocks’, in July last year.

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