Cage The Elephant hit the Zoom chat for their new ‘Black Madonna’ video

The new clip was created entirely in quarantine over video message

Cage The Elephant have shared a new video for recent single ‘Black Madonna’, recorded entirely over Zoom.

The video, for the track lifted from the band’s 2019 album ‘Social Cues’, was directed by frontman Matt Schultz.

Discussing the video, the group said: “In a time where people are looking for connection more than ever, and with it not being possible, it forces a new perspective. This music video was directed by lead singer Matthew Shultz and edited entirely over Zoom during the quarantine/social distancing.


“The project started when COVID-19 began gaining traction and forced remote production so we repurposed a lot of existing never-before-seen footage/up-cycled content to make something new. Additionally, we worked with 15 collaborators over the past 8 weeks to have them contribute or create content, also while in isolation.” Watch the ‘Black Madonna’ video below.

Reviewing last year’s ‘Social Cues’ album, NME wrote: “Having spent their glittering career dancing through different sounds, Cage The Elephant truly find themselves on this mature, widescreen fifth album.

“The shift from previous records and the different gears they travel through on ‘Social Cues’ really show off Cage The Elephant’s chameleon prowl between what this band can really be.”

Earlier this year, the band shared a new version of ‘Social Cues’ track ‘Broken Boy’ with added vocals from Iggy Pop.


“Cage is a super high energy outfit, living the Rock dream, so for a couple of fun minutes I was one of the boys. Sounds pretty wicked to me,” Iggy said of the collaboration.