Cahill Kelly shares ‘World Upon a Shelf’ from forthcoming debut album

'Classical and Cool Jazz' arrives this July

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Cahill Kelly has shared news of his debut solo album, as well as releasing the lead single.

‘World Upon a Shelf’ is the first track to be lifted from ‘Classical and Cool Jazz’, following on from his debut single ‘Wayward Shrine’ in 2019.

The album is set for release on Cheersquad Records, an independent Melbourne label founded by The Meanies and Even bassist Wally Kempton.


Listen to ‘World Upon a Shelf’ below:

In a press statement, Kelly explained that the single was written as an experiment of sorts – whether he could “write a song about even the most mundane of subjects while still evoking some kind of narrative and emotion.”

“At the time, I had a number of sentimental trinkets from various countries on a mantlepiece above my desk,” he said.

“I ended up finding deeper meaning in the song, reflecting on the idea that everything we come across in life – be it places, people, objects, ideas… once you take a deeper look, there’s always so much more to the story.”


Prior to embarking on a solo career, Kelly played in Townsville band The Broken Needles and Melbourne band Willow Darling.

The former released two studio albums before splitting in 2015, while the latter released an eponymous album in 2016. A second Willow Darling album was ultimately scrapped in 2017, with Kelly opting to go solo.

‘Classical and Cool Jazz’ is set for release on July 21.

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