Camp Cope spin out in new music video for ‘Running With The Hurricane’

The power-emo band’s titular third album landed earlier this year

To celebrate kicking off a North American tour in support of their third album, ‘Running With The Hurricane’, Camp Cope have shared an official music video for its title track.

In a press release, the recent NME Australia cover stars described the clip as “a moment in time for us as a band”. Noting that it was filmed on Wurundjeri Country, they continued: “We were getting ready to fly out to the US for our first international tour since the pandemic started.

“Kelly [Hellmrich, bassist] is six months pregnant in it and keeps rocking out. Jenny [Aslett, guitarist] who has started playing live with us graciously said yes to being in it even though she didn’t realise what it was for. We really wanted to capture the energy of the song, and that sometimes the only way out is up.


“And like who doesn’t like to get dressed up and do funny things with leafblowers all day (besides [drummer Sarah ‘Thomo’ Thompson] obv)?”

Watch the video for ‘Running With The Hurricane’, co-directed by James J Robinson and Rachael Morrow, below:

In his own statement, Robinson said: “Camp Cope’s music has gotten co-director Rachael and I through some tough times together. Rachael introduced me to their music at a time I needed reminding that art can heal, which is the moving goal of all the work I create. I love ‘Running With the Hurricane’ because sonically the band pull you out of a spiral of self-doubt, using both vulnerability and power as their weapons.

“With the video, we wanted to translate that to a visual language: walking the very fine line between being candid but intentional, empowering but sincere, serious but also very not-serious.”

Morrow echoed her collaborator’s sentiment, adding: “Camp Cope as a whole have always resonated with me; a comfort in some pretty hard times, all by being unashamedly honest. Their work examines the complexities of what it means to be human, and how we attempt to move through this world alone and together.


“That kind of courage is an example of how artistic vulnerability can be a spark for change on such a variety of levels. I loved working on this project as it allowed James and myself to explore the song visually, creating something that we felt reflected the chaos and relief that comes with growth.”

‘Running With The Hurricane’ was released back in March via Poison City Records, and in addition to the title track, was supported by the singles ‘Blue’ and ‘Jealous’. In a four-star review, NME’s Cat Woods said the record was “mature in the best way: elegant with raw edges and seams openly revealed”.

The record was also featured on NME’s list of the best Australian albums from the first half of 2022, where Greta Brereton described it as “a glorious example of a band stripping back their hard exterior and welcoming us into their new sound”.

Camp Cope’s North American tour starts in Boston tomorrow (July 8). They’ve got a total of 18 dates on the itinerary (including three as a support act for Lucy Dacus), with the jaunt wrapping up in LA on Wednesday August 3.