Candy announces new album with opening track ‘Challenger Deep’

'A Pull To Heal' is out April 30

Candy has formally announced his third album ‘A Pull To Heal’ will arrive later this month.

The Melbourne artist teased the release over the last year, drip-feeding singles ‘Clean’, ‘Affirmation Fixation’ and ‘Challenger Deep’.

The latter was released only a few days ago (April 9) and centres around the “exploration of depths in relationships.” In the song, Candy can be heard singing “at this depth no one survives/Is this our limit? Our breaking point?/Could I make it without you?


‘Challenger Deep’ comes accompanied by leisurely music video that sees Candy – real name Calum Newtown – playing a variety of sports with minimal success. Watch Candy and his glorious retro-inspired playsuit below.

‘Challenger Deep’ is the opening cut on ‘A Pull To Heal’, which marks Candy’s third full-length release.

The album will see Newton dive deeper on issues than ever before, from mental health struggles in the aforementioned single ‘Affirmation Fixation’ and the imminent realisation that death is upon us (‘Reaper’) to tales of environmental science books (‘Silent Spring’) and the 1997 Thredbo landslide (‘Avalanche Of Pain’).

This release is also set to mark a shift in Candy’s sound, from synthetic drum machines and frivolous guitars to a more hard-hitting quintessential rock style. Newton also produced and mastered the record himself.

‘A Pull To Heal’ is out April 30, independently.


Candy’s ‘A Pull To Heal’ tracklist reads:

1. Challenger Deep
2. Avalanche Of Pain
3. Who You Are
4. Reaper
5. Buried In The Ground
6. Affirmation Fixation
7. (we did it to ourselves)
8. Clean
9. From The Belvedere
10. Silent Spring