Cantrips shares jangly new single ‘Goodbye Yesterday’

The music video takes inspiration from 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'

Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Cantrips – real name Patrick Ryan – has released his first new single of the year, ‘Goodbye Yesterday’.

The track combines surf and jangle rock, and marks Ryan’s third official single so far, following ‘Off With His Head’ and ‘Don’t Open The Bag’ last year.

‘Goodbye Yesterday’ also arrives with a humorous music video directed by William Hamilton-Coates, with scenes inspired from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Watch the visual below:

The majority of ‘Goodbye Yesterday’ was penned in Ryan’s Thornbury home studio.

In a statement, Ryan noted the song was written in a period where he’d just left “the safety of full-time employment” and was figuring out his next steps.

“I’d been living in this sort of limbo, bereft of meaningful work and was tired of doing nothing about it. I was listening to a lot of ’60s pop (Beatles, early Pink Floyd, Margo Guryan), a ton of Curtis Mayfield and other Motown grooves, and surfing a bunch,” Ryan said.

“This track meets somewhere in the middle of the three. It’s a song about personal transformation – letting go of who you used to be and taking steps to finding out who you can be.”


The music video was filmed amid the lush coastal scenery of Rye.

“The late lockdown and ongoing restrictions in Victoria meant that we had to get creative with both concept and execution,” Hamilton-Coates said.

“I’d been watching a lot of Monty Python at the time and the drummer on this track, Lachlan Clulow, suggested using something similar to the ‘endless running’ scene in The Holy Grail.”