Captives share ripping new single ‘Gold’, set March release for second album

The band say ‘Gold’ is “made to be listened to on a huge PA with a light show”

Melbourne punk outfit Captives have announced their second album, ‘Return To Mars’, sharing the news today (January 13) with a punchy new single titled ‘Gold’.

Carried by gritty, chugging guitars and a simple, yet snappy beat, ‘Gold’ furthers the quintet’s expansion into melodically charged arena-rock. On its soaring chorus, singer Aaron Damon quips: “Burn my soul / ’Til it’s all been turned to gold.”

The track arrives with a swagger-heavy video helmed by longtime collaborator Dave Hunter, filmed at Melbourne’s Wick Studios with the concept being to emulate a towering live performance. “We wanted to make a video that gave justice to the song,” drummer Matthew Damon said in a press release.


“For me, whenever I listen to ‘Gold’, it’s made to be listened to on a huge PA with a light show. So we kind of pulled that off this time around. Dave does an amazing job of bringing our concepts to life. He smashed this edit!”

Take a look at the video for ‘Gold’ below:

As for the track itself, Damon says the writing process for ‘Gold’ took the band on “a bit of a journey”, noting that “It was one of the first tracks we put down for the new album but was a bit of a dark horse. Now it’s one of our favourites. It’s huge. No fuss. I’m looking forward to smashing this one live!”

He went on to explain that the track marked the first time Captives had “ever attempted writing digitally and remotely”, with the band having minted all of their previous material in person. “Parts of the process were great,” he said, “[while] other parts were super challenging.

“For us, you can’t beat having all five of us in a room and creating tunes with the energy from us all. Thankfully, we were able to get into a studio in between Melbourne lockdowns and track the record. I think if anything, we’ve learnt to adapt our writing process and it’s only going to benefit us in the long run. In saying that, I can’t wait to be in a room with the band and just be able to play some songs again.”


‘Return To Mars’ will be released independently on March 31, with a five-date tour of the Australian east coast – hitting stages in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and the Gold Coast – set to follow in April. In addition to ‘Gold’, the record will feature last year’s singles ‘Buried And Bones’ and ‘Villain’.