Cardi B denies claim that Eminem turned down a feature on her new album

"I get off the internet and ya makin shit up"

Cardi B has refuted a claim that Eminem turned down the chance to feature on her new album.

It comes after the rapper said she was going into “full album mode” earlier this month when sharing a snippet of unreleased new music.

After a tweet was posted that claimed that “Eminem has now declined a ft request for Cardi B’s upcoming project” because the ‘WAP’ rapper “doesn’t care about the culture or her craft,” Cardi replied, calling the claim “BIG LIES.”


“I get off the internet and ya makin shit up,” she tweeted. “I haven’t sent no songs to no artist yet. Love his work and much respect. This don’t even make sense.”

While discussing how fans are “laughing about this fake rumor,” Cardi added that other new collaborations are legitimately in the works, writing: “wait until y’all see these next collabs.”

When sharing her snippet of new music earlier this month, Cardi said: “After next week I’m going full album mode. I was hungry around this time. Perfecting & writing my shit.

“Im going to complete some business do things for ‘UP’ then I’m out! but please let’s stay on topic & not ask me about things when ya know I don’t like talkin bout my moves.”


The rapper’s new single ‘UP’ hit number one on the Billboard 100 chart this week, and when celebrating the achievement, she hit out at the “insane conservatives” that have been “eating me up the whole entire week” after her Grammys performance of ‘WAP’ with Megan Thee Stallion was branded as signifying “corrosion” and “the end of an empire” by right-wind pundit Candace Owens.

Reviewing Cardi B’s ‘Up’ on its release in early February, NME wrote: “‘Up’ is refreshing to hear after ‘WAP’. As Cardi B steps away from the usual highly sampled production and focuses more on lyricism, this track makes you want to attack whatever 2021 has for us head-on, like the main character of our own action film.

“We’re now repeatedly seeing women in rap finally take over the genre’s nonchalant tone in greater numbers than before, setting the bar high for their peers, showing a generation of women how to be unapologetically them. Cardi B’s created a new power anthem with this one.”