Cardi B feared she would be “jumped” by Trump supporters while caught up in rally

The rapper was caught up in the rally with husband Offset last weekend.

Cardi B feared that she would be “jumped” by Trump supporters while her husband Offset was detained by police as he drove through a rally last weekend.

Offset was detained by Beverly Hills Police last weekend after he alleged that Trump supporters were banging their flags on his car during a protest.

Documenting the drama on her own Instagram story, Cardi allegedly said she felt threatened by the protest, according to Raw Story.

“Nah, we’re gonna get jumped. I really feel like we’re gonna get jumped,” Cardi B reportedly said as the car went past groups of people waving Trump 2020 flags.

In a follow-up video, the rapper said: “Trump supporters are everywhere, I’m scared. I don’t like it, with their big ass trucks.”

She added: “I don’t like this shit. “Look at this. Look at this! Look how they’re walking around — with fake guns out and covering their fucking face. I don’t like this shit.”

Offset also shared footage on his own Instagram, including the moment he was quizzed by police.

“We were told that you guys were waving guns at people,” an officer can be heard saying to the rapper in the clip.

“You just watched somebody beat my car up with a flag. What are you talking about?” Offset replied.

Another officer told him not to move and open the car door, to which Offset responded was illegal. “You can’t just open my door,” he said. “It’s illegal and I’m going to sue the shit out of y’all, do you know who I am?”

According to SPIN, a spokesperson for the Beverly Hills Police Department told them that Marcelo Almanzar (Cardi B’s cousin) was arrested on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm in public. His bail is set at $35,000.

Cardi B is a vocal supporter of Joe Biden, having endorsed him for President in order to remove Trump from office.

“I tried to let him know like, listen we don’t want no false promises. We don’t want no fake shit to get people voting. This is what we want. Please make it happen.”