Cardi B shares snippet of new song and vows to go “full album mode”

Is Cardi's second album finally on the way?

Cardi B has continued to tease new music on Twitter after fans demanded the release of her second album.

The singer took the briefest of breaks from the site on Friday (March 5), after being bombarded with questions about the record when she revealed she is releasing her own doll.

“I have so much pressure. I’m working on a lot of sh– to please people. … I wanna please my fans, because y’all been asking for something from me for a very long time that I can’t say, and I’m doing it for ya,” Cardi said during an Instagram Live.


“‘Eh, you’re dropping a fucking doll! We want an album!’ How am I supposed to be rich? How am I supposed to build my net worth?”

But upon returning, the rapper tweeted a short audio snippet of a new song in which she seems to be rapping: “I need more money than problems this year.”

Further updates came when she gave her followers a brief update on her upcoming plans.

“After next week I’m going full album mode,” Cardi tweeted along with another clip – a throwback of her recording ‘Red Barz’.


“I was hungry around this time. Perfecting & writing my shit,” she said.

“Im going to complete some business do things for ‘UP’ then I’m out !but please let’s stay on topic & not ask me about things when ya know I don’t like talkin bout my moves.”

Cardi’s debut album came in 2018’s ‘Invasion Of Privacy‘, but she is yet to release its follow-up.

She also recently told fans she would like to collaborate on a song with Lizzo but also asked her followers to “stop pressuring” her to make music.

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