Cardi B sued by Trump supporters in defamation lawsuit

The rapper's sister is also named in the lawsuit

Cardi B and her sister Hennessy Carolina have been accused of defamation in a new lawsuit filed by supporters of President Donald Trump.

According to TMZ, the two are being sued based on claims of defaming a group of Trump supporters by labelling them as racist following a disagreement that took place earlier this month in the Hamptons.

The lawsuit details that the plaintiffs claim they were enjoying their time at Smith Point beach when Cardi’s sister Hennessy approached them, insulting and threatening them because one of them was wearing a MAGA hat.


The plaintiffs claim the allegations that they were being racist are inaccurate. They further alleged that they were approached solely due to the wearing of the aforementioned MAGA hat.

At the time, Cardi shared a video taken by Hennessy, which apparently showed the latter confronting Trump supporters after they allegedly harassed her and her girlfriend.

The plaintiffs – identified in the report as Peter Caliendo, Pauline Caliendo, and Manuel Alarcon – are arguing that footage and other social media posts regarding the incident were edited.

Hennessy’s girlfriend Michelle Diaz has also been named in the suit, accused of defamation of character and violating civil rights to privacy (as per Billboard).

Earlier this week, Cardi B opened up about why she has decided to divorce Offset after almost three years of marriage.


It was reported last week that the rapper had filed for divorce in court documents in Georgia.

The two married in secret on September 20, 2017, which was followed by an onstage ‘proposal’ a month later, making the news public.

Meanwhile, Cardi B recently featured on ‘Me Gusta’, the latest single from Brazilian pop artist Anitta, alongside Puerto Rican rapper Myke Towers.

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