Cardi B uses BLACKPINK collab title to mock Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis

The US President and First Lady Melania have both tested positive for COVID-19

Cardi B has used the title of her new collaboration with BLACKPINK to mock Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis.

Trump and US First Lady Melania were both confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19 earlier today (October 2).

The New York rapper responded to the news on Twitter, working the track’s title into her reaction tweet. “‘BET YOU WANNA’ wear a mask now,” she tweeted, responding to Trump’s own post announcing his diagnosis. See Cardi’s tweet below.


The Trumps contracting coronavirus follows White House aide Hope Hicks being diagnosed with the disease. It is believed that she travelled with the President on Air Force One to the first Presidential debate earlier this week.

‘Bet You Wanna’ features on BLACKPINK’s debut album ‘THE ALBUM’, which was released today (October 2). “Let’s do what we both desire,” Cardi raps on the track. “On God like I’m in the choir/I bet you if you make me sweat I’ll still be on fire.”

Writing about the track on Twitter last night (October 1), the star said keeping her lyrics clean was a challenge. “It really hard for me to do a verse with no curse words and PG,” she wrote. “I really wanted to say “ I bet if you get me WET I’ll still be on fire. I’ll be reposting tomorrow the whole day …make sure ya stream “BET YOU WANNA”.”


Meanwhile, Cardi opened up about the double standards female rappers face in an interview earlier this week. “If you don’t have a super crazy smash, it’s like ‘Oh, you flop, flop flop’,” she said. “The song could be like two-times platinum and it’s still flop, flop, flop. You’re always under pressure, and I feel like it’s not fair.”

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