Carla dal Forno announces new album ‘Come Around’ and shares title track

The follow-up to 2019's 'Look Up Sharp' will arrive in November

Songwriter Carla dal Forno has announced her new album, ‘Come Around’, will arrive November 4 via her own Kallista Records.

To coincide, she’s shared her first new song in three years: the album’s lead single and title track. It’s a hazy, entrancing cut that foregrounds dal Forno’s gossamer vocals with guitar chords drenched in reverb and delay alongside hypnotic electronic beats.

The new song arrives alongside a video directed by Ludovic Sauvage, in which dal Forno walks around her neighbourhood with a deep red tint colouring the camera lens. Watch that below:


“‘Come Around’ was inspired by a guy I used to play in a band with. I really admired the way he played guitar. He had this laid back strum that was effortless and cool,” dal Forno explained in an accompanying statement. “I was mucking around at home one day trying to imitate the way he played and I wrote ‘Come Around.'”

She continued: “I wrote the song during a carefree springtime and I loved working on it while recording this album. There’s a lightness and openness to it, which I feel quite liberated by. It reminds me of a life I once had with very few responsibilities.”

‘Come Around’ will mark dal Forno’s third album, after debut ‘You Know What It’s Like’ arrived in 2016 and ‘Look Up Sharp’ was released in 2019.

Carla dal Forno’s ‘Come Around’ tracklist is:

1. ‘Side By Side’
2. ‘Come Around’
3. ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’
4. ‘Stay Awake’
5. ‘Autumn’
6. ‘Mind Your On’
7. ‘Slumber’ (feat. Thomas Bush)
8. ‘Deep Sleep’
9. ‘Caution’

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