Cat & Calmell announce debut EP ‘Life Of Mine’

They've also dropped the new single, 'Jorge'

Sydney pop duo Cat & Calmell have announced details around their debut EP, ‘Life Of Mine’.

Alongside the announcement, the duo have also unveiled their new single, ‘Jorge’, as well its accompanying music video.

“‘Jorge’ is based on a true story that happened on the way to our writing session! Calmell was driving on empty and we decided we’d be able to make it to the train station but of course, we didn’t and broke down,” the duo said in a statement.


“A super nice man named Jorge was spraying insecticide on the side of the road and came and helped us out. We went to that session (although an hour late) and wrote this adorable song that’s immortalised this interaction we had with a kind stranger!”

Watch the music video, which depicts this interaction, below.

Speaking of the EP, the duo said it’s “so special to us because it encapsulates a time in our lives that was full of a lot of excitement but also a lot of uncertainty”.

“It’s such a time stamp of our slightly younger and slightly more reckless days. A lot of the songs on this EP were written a while back so it’s nice to see where we were and where we came from both in terms of our music and our headspace back then.”

‘Life Of Mine’, set for release on Friday June 25, will feature eight tracks, including ‘Jorge’ as well as previously released singles ‘Dumbshit’ and ‘Dramatic’.


Cat & Calmell recently made their live debut early last month, playing a pair of sold out shows in Sydney.

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