Catcall embraces vulnerability on new single ‘Feel the Fear’

The Sydney songwriter returns with her first single in two years

Catcall (aka Sydney songwriter Catherine Kelleher) has released her first new music in nearly two years with single ‘Feel the Fear’.

A spacious hypnagogic pop cut made with producer Andy Elston, ‘Feel the Fear’ was originally written in 2018 for a television series that Kelleher – who is also a screenwriter and filmmaker – was working on at the time.

The project never eventuated and the song was thus left dormant for years. Inspiration struck while Kelleher was in lockdown, and the song was completed after linking up with frequent collaborator Elston.


‘Feel the Fear’ arrives alongside a karaoke-esque lyric video by Cara Harvey that matches the slick, retro aesthetics of the song itself. Watch that below:

“‘Feel the Fear’ is about the electricity, uncertainty and intensity of new relationships. Being vulnerable, taking a risk and putting yourself out there… but sometimes it doesn’t work out,” Kelleher explained in an accompanying statement.

“We’re all carrying around these traumas from past relationships that make us really afraid to open ourselves and this song explores that confusion, especially when you’re in those intoxicating first moments. The production is slick but the vocals are imperfect, and I’m leaning into and embracing my imperfections when it comes to the music I make.”

Kelleher’s musical output has been relatively sporadic since she released her sole studio album, 2012 debut ‘The Warmest Place’. She’s released two standalone singles – ‘One Time’ in 2017 and 2019’s ‘One Desire’.