Chance The Rapper and Hayley Williams lead reactions to Kamala Harris and Mike Pence’s VP debate

"my safe word is 'mr vice president i am speaking',"

The likes of Chance The Rapper and Hayley Williams have reacted after Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic VP nominee Sen. Kamala Harris faced off in the only vice presidential debate of this year’s campaign.

Coming only days after President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, the debate saw the two candidates discussing the impact of the pandemic on the country – and their differing plans for the future.

Due to Pence’s attendance at an event that is believed to have caused the spread of coronavirus in the White House, he and Harris stood a considerable distance apart – with plexiglass used to separate the candidates.


Providing his backing for Harris, Chance The Rapper wrote on Twitter: “I like that she winning the debate.”

Hayley Williams, meanwhile, picked up on Pence’s apparent habit of speaking over Harris while she delivered her arguments.

“my safe word is ‘mr vice president i am speaking’,” she wrote.


Other reactions came from Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams, who questioned: “What planet is he on [Pence]” after he accused Harris of playing politics with people’s lives.

“Did he just tell her to stop playing politics with people’s lives?? Well what are y’all (the current administration) playing with. Certainly lives, livelihoods, and the safety of citizens in this country is what they have played with. What planet is he on again?,” she wrote.

Last night’s debate also attracted attention after a fly landed on Pence’s head and remained there interrupted for almost two minutes before he eventually noticed it.

The next Presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden is expected to take place on Thursday, October 15 in Miami.

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