Channel 10’s ‘The Project’ to air episode about “Aussie music’s #MeToo moment” with Jaguar Jonze

Airing tonight at 6.30pm

The following article contains discussion of sexual assault.

Tonight’s episode of Channel 10 programme The Project will discuss “Aussie music’s #MeToo moment” with Jaguar Jonze.

A 20-second teaser of the episode, which airs tonight (May 11) at 6.30pm on Channel 10, excerpts an interview with the Brisbane musician, real name Deena Lynch. The conversation appears to be about Lynch’s alleged sexual assault at the hands of two producers, which she discussed last July in a statement of support for victims of sexual abuse and harassment in Australia’s music industry.

“I was constantly saying, ‘No, no, no, no, no – I do not want to do this,” Jonze is quoted as saying in the teaser.

“They can make one call and destroy your entire career,” she says at another point. Watch the teaser below.

Last July, Jonze used her Instagram account to amplify anonymised accounts of sexual abuse, assault and harassment. The allegations that emerged led to a statement by a formerly Melbourne-based photographer, in which he admitted to committing acts of “abuse”.

A month later, Jonze called for those who had experienced abuse or harassment by the photographer to come forward to assist with an official police investigation.

“People have been filing their police investigations, but nothing much has been done about it, which is so heartbreaking and sad to me,” Jonze told NME in a cover story this February. “But I’ve also been working behind the scenes to make sure that things are moving, regardless of whether the justice system is going to do anything about it.”

“I would say that he needs to pay for his crimes,” she added. “And it’s not that it matters on the quantity of those crimes, but we’re talking about over in the hundreds. How does someone like that get away with it? Is the justice system not meant to serve us? To protect us? And if it is, then what are they doing about it?”