Channel 7 Olympics presenter responds to Jack River’s call for local music in Australian coverage: “We hear you”

"We are going to beef up the Aussie music in the arvos," said 'Sunrise' presenter Edwina Bartholomew

A Channel 7 presenter covering the 2020 Tokyo Olympics has responded to Jack River‘s call for the broadcaster to play Australian artists during their coverage of the event.

River shared an open letter to her Instagram on Wednesday (July 28) addressed to Channel 7 and other Australian corporations, saying “How great would it be if you played all Australian music in your coverage of the Olympics?”

“These are Australian moments, they deserve Australian music.”


Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew, one of Channel 7’s journalists doing Olympics coverage, initially commented her support on River’s post, before sharing it on her own account.

“Hey @jack_river and other Aussie musos, we hear you,” she wrote.

“I can’t speak for Woolies and Aldi et al but we are going to beef up the Aussie music in the arvos on @7olympics. Send us your requests and tag your favourite Australian musician.”

PerthNow reports that Channel 7 has since confirmed more Australian music will be played during its Olympics coverage, and particularly over the last few days of swimming events.

Bartholomew’s response was met with great appreciation from the Australian music community, with River writing on her Instagram Stories “this is collective action realised”.


Artists including The Jungle Giants, Jaguar Jonze, Something For Kate, The Dreggs, Montaigne, Crooked Colours and more also commented on Bartholomew’s post, tagging their fellow musos and sharing their thanks to both the Sunrise presenter and River.

Olympic surfer and bronze medal winner Owen Wright also tagged his wife, the singer Kita Alexander.

“Huge moves! Go team,” wrote Spacey Jane, while Alex The Astronaut took the opportunity to cheekily plug her song ‘I Think You’re Great’. Alex wrote, “You can play it if someone wins AND if someone loses to make them feel better. That’s range.”


Speaking to triple j today (July 30) about the campaign, River said, “These awesome moments are happening and suddenly you hear an American or British song over the top of them.”

“That moment could be soundtracked by Australian music. We have enough of it and it’s just as inspirational.”

Rivers addressed other corporations such as Woolworths, Coles and Aldi in her call-out, and Coles responded to Rivers in a statement shared with triple j.

“Coles is a proud supporter of Australian music and our Value The Australian Way ad features Australian artists Missy Higgins, Dingo Spender and the current lead singer of Yothu Yindi, Yirrŋa Yunupiŋu,” it read.

“We will be adding even more amazing Aussie tracks to Coles Radio next week so tune in and enjoy!”

Rivers, based in the currently locked-down New South Wales, said she was motivated by the impact COVID-19 continues to have on the Australian music industry.

“My business is 9 per cent down for these past two weeks of the Sydney lockdown as compared to 2019. A lot of artist businesses are in a similar state,” River told triple j in that same interview.

The Australian music industry has been hit hard throughout the pandemic, with new data reporting an estimated loss of $64million in potential revenue from live events throughout Australia since July 1.

NME has reached out to both Channel 7 and Bartholomew for further comment.

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