Charley shines on debut single ‘Hard For Me’

Arriving with a romantic retro-inspired music video

Glossy pop newcomer Charley has shared her debut single ‘Hard For Me’, out now via EMI Music Australia. Scroll down to listen.

‘Hard For Me’ sees the Sydney-via-Gold Coast artist celebrate love, burning desires and female sexuality, as she sings, “I don’t care where we are/You could be sippin’ on coffee, and I’m picturing your body/You lying naked is all I see, I’m trying not to but oh you make it so hard for me.

Speaking of the track, Charley said, “Me and my boyfriend had kind of just gotten back together again at that point. All of the butterflies were heightened again. I just wanted to write a song about how I felt about him and how it gave me such a rush when I looked at him. Everyone has been there! When you just… melt.”


The bouncy number arrived last week (March 4), accompanied by a retro-inspired music video that merges sassy Clueless references with what Charley sees as symbols of “old school passionate love”: movie theatres, diners and vintage cars. Take a look below.

Taking to Instagram, Charley detailed the creative process for ‘Hard For Me’, which dates back to 2018. She partnered with Stephen Schmultz (beatsbybreakfast) and country-pop duo Seaforth to write the single, which took place during Charley’s first trip to esteemed music hub Nashville.

“It was one of the funnest and best sessions I’ve ever done as it was full of energy/openness/love and trust with one another,” she wrote.

“I was so obsessed with this boy that I was in such a h0rny honeymoon phase and wanted to write a song about how I saw him in public/or any place we went. I’m so grateful that I got to write one of my most authentic songs with these guys…”


Charley grew up on the Gold Coast before moving to Sydney in 2017. First and foremost a pop fan, she spent her years listening to Kelly Clarkson and The Veronicas before finding a rare mentor in UK star Jessie J. She has since collaborated on behind-the-scenes projects with Xavier Dunn and CXLOE.