Charli XCX “not sure” if she wants to become an independent artist

Her major label deal with Atlantic expired after the release of this year's 'Crash' LP

Charli XCX has told NME that she’s “not sure” if she wants to become an independent artist now her major label deal has expired.

The artist was speaking with NME for last week’s Big Read to discuss her most recent album ‘Crash’, which marked the end of her major label deal with Atlantic.

Asked whether she knows what she wants her career to look like moving forwards, Charli said: “I mean, until this point, I’ve been saying no… but that would be a lie.”


She added: “There’s so many interesting options that would work for me,” though clarifying that she “is not sure if I’m ready to [go independent].

“I like not having to foot the bill for everything at the beginning, that’s quite scary. Especially when you want to do things on the kind of scale that I did on the last record,” she said. “I’m still exploring, definitely.”

Charli XCX
Charli XCX on the cover of NME

Elsewhere in the Big Read, Charli spoke about the book she’s currently writing. After previously telling NME in 2019 that fiction-writing could be one possible creative avenue she might explore as part of a future “successful 180 [turn]” from her music career, Charli then tweeted “what if i wrote a book….?” back in June.

Asked to expand on her current writing plans by NME, Charli was unwilling to elaborate on what form the book might take “in case it turns out to be really shit”.

“I was so into it, and then I hit a wall and haven’t touched it since,” she continued about her book. “I got my agents all riled up, sent them four pages, and then ghosted them. I was asking Grimmy about the process, and he said you kind of have these moments of lightning bolt inspiration, and then you kind of put it down.


“When the time pressure’s on you, then you really do it full steam, so maybe I’ll be a bit like that? There’s no deadline.”