Charli XCX shares her quarantine diary: “Stillness can push me to the brink”

"Even after one day – I’m feeling a bit purposeless."

Charli XCX has begun to share extracts of her quarantine diary, after going into self-isolation as the coronavirus crisis continues.

Posting an extract of her diary on social media, the singer explained she was using her free time to plot out ideas for new music, but admitted she was beginning to feel “purposeless.”

“Being a workaholic in quarantine is quite stressful. Yes, I’m doing as much as I can at home – creating mood boards, planning out ideas for videos, thinking about lyric changes in new songs, re-recording vocals that could be better. But generally, even after one day – I’m feeling a bit purposeless,” she wrote.


Reflecting on the impact self-isolation could have on her mental health, she said: “Two weeks of quarantine will literally feel like FOREVER. I think it’s an important time to take care of yourself mentally – because I don’t know about you but stillness can really push me to the brink.

“If I don’t have a million things going on, if my brain isn’t buzzing, this pit of doom starts opening up. I start thinking ‘why’, ‘what’s the point’, ‘I am so purposeless’.”

She then began to question the potential effects that coronavirus will have on the music industry.

“Quarantine is also making me think about the possibilities of a shift within my industry. What will happen to live shows? Will the idea of gathering together at a concert or a club or a party become more and more distant? Will we all be living for live streams? Will live streams get competitive?” she said.

The singer concluded: “I don’t have answers and some of this isn’t even important but I’m writing this as a stream of consciousness because I’ve currently got nothing else to do.”


Her diary comes after leading US stars such as Lady GagaTaylor Swift and Miley Cyrus urged their fans to stay at home and self-isolate in the wake of the global coronavirus outbreak.

They all follow Ariana Grande, who previously urged fans to take the coronavirus pandemic more seriously.

As coronavirus continues to spread across the US, New York mayor Bill de Blasio has also issued an executive order to close all movie theaters, concert venues, nightclubs and small theatres.

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