Check out Amy Shark’s raw self-titled new single

"This song is my story"

Amy Shark has shared another new single from her forthcoming album ‘Cry Forever’, in the form of a raw self-titled track.

Released today (April 16), ‘Amy Shark’ sees the singer open up about painful memories from her childhood, alluding to a figure in her life who wasn’t there when she needed them. A largely acoustic number, Shark lays out her feelings in the lyrics, singing “I did it all without a phone call or a Christmas card/you have no heart“.

Listen to the song below.


Taking to social media to announce the song’s release, Shark chose to be equally vulnerable.

“This song is my story,” she wrote. “In a way this album closes so many chapters for me.”

“I’m not mad but i remember everything and some people just weren’t there when i needed them and unfortunately its just too late to start giving a fuck about me now.”

It’s listed as track number 13 off her forthcoming sophomore record ‘Cry Forever’, which is due out for release later this month.

The singer has dropped a slew of singles from the album so far, including ‘Everybody Rise’, ‘C’MON’ with Travis Barker, ‘All The Lies About Me’, ‘Baby Steps’ and ‘Love Songs Ain’t For Us’, which features Keith Urban and was co-written with Ed Sheeran.


In February, Shark also revealed she had been working on a docu-series called FOREVER, AMY SHARK, documenting the recording process of her new album.

The third episode of the series, released last month, featured footage of her working alongside Sheeran to create ‘Love Songs Ain’t For Us’.