Check out Budjerah and PNAU’s new collaborative track ‘Stranger Love’

"We took Budjerah to the dancefloor for this one" 

Fingal Head singer-songwriter Budjerah and iconic dance duo PNAU have joined forces for their new collaborative single, titled ‘Stranger Love’.

The track premiered on triple j earlier this week, before landing on streaming services today (May 28). Featuring PNAU’s signature electronic beats with Budjerah’s thoughtful songwriting and sweet vocals, it’s an energetic, feel-good song designed for the dancefloor.

Check it out below.


Speaking to triple j Drive hosts Lewis Hobba and Michael Hing yesterday (May 27), PNAU’s Nick Littlemore revealed that Budjerah had initially written the song as an acoustic ballad, with the help of Eskimo Joe’s Joel Quartermain.

“I heard [his voice] on a very early demo and it knocked my socks off,” said Littlemore. “We took Budjerah to the dancefloor for this one.”

“I’ve been in the studio so many times with so many different singers and I love to push them to every edge,” he continued.

“They don’t necessarily know what they can do, they like to sit in a certain space… but sometimes when you’re recording vocals [for] dance records, there’s so much energy and it’s so thick with the production that you need the voice to eclipse that with its own energy.”

Both PNAU and Budjerah revealed the collaboration earlier in the week, with the former taking to social media to share some kind words about the young singer.


“Meeting a young, spirited artist like Budjerah is beautiful and challenging,” read PNAU’s post.

“To encounter someone so young who already has a great handle on creativity and kindness confronts ones own insecurities. He comes across as a natural, not something one sees a lot of in this business. Whilst we come from vastly different experiences, the supernatural power of music brought us together.”

Littlemore recently sat down with NME to discuss his new collaborative album with Holiday Sidewinder, called ‘Face Of God’. The pair explained how the record, released last Friday (May 21), was inspired by hallucinations and explores themes such as global doom.

“I always tell my wife, when the world goes to shit, it’s gonna look really good. If you look at sunsets when there’s shit in the sky, it looks amazing,” Littlemore said.

“Whilst music isn’t gonna save the planet, it’s a good soundtrack for the one that’s disintegrating.”

Meanwhile, Budjerah has been announced as a performer at this year’s Vivid Sydney. He released his self-titled debut EP in March, followed by another version of the four-tracker called ‘Live At Rainbow Valley’. It comprises live versions of the same songs, featuring Matt Corby, Ngaiire, Ainslie WillsJK-47 and Stevan.