Check out Jaguar Jonze’s gritty new single ‘Curled In’

With a high concept music video to come

Prolific powerhouse Jaguar Jonze has released her second single for the year thus far, in the form of gritty new track ‘Curled In’.

Jonze – real name Deena Lynch – shared the song today (February 26), after teasing its release earlier this week. An air of cinematic edginess is built by dark guitars and Jonze’s vocals, which range from soft and sweet to haunting echoes. Check it out below:


A music video for the song is also due to arrive, with Jonze previewing snippets on her Instagram. In the clips, Jonze can be seen on a pedestal wearing Asian inspired dress.

The new single is the latest in a string of songs and high-concept music videos Jonze has released over the past few months. In January of this year, she dropped ‘Astronaut’, alongside a film clip in which she appears to be floating in space. This was preceded by November’s ‘Murder’ and September’s ‘Deadalive’.

The songs are all set to appear on Jonze’s forthcoming ‘Antihero’ EP, which will arrive on April 16.

Earlier this week, Jonze was added to the digital lineup for SXSW, the famed US music festival that was cancelled last year due to COVID-19. Jonze was set to perform at the 2020 event before it was derailed thanks to the pandemic, and she endured her own battle with the virus.


She recently spoke to NME‘s Richard S. He about her journey with music and how creative expression has helped her navigate fear.

“For so long, I was letting fear take the driver’s seat; it stopped me from doing everything. It muddled my reality,” she said.

“I think I have spent a long time with fear. And fear and I are redefining our relationship with each other.”