Check out Nooky’s new viral video-inspired single, ‘Mungo’

The track references an Australian street fighting clip that blew up on the internet

Yuin rapper Nooky has released his first new track for the year, a viral video-inspired single called ‘Mungo’.

The song makes reference to this clip which has become famous on the internet, of two men brawling in a suburban Australian street. Titled ‘Mungo vs Greg Brown’, spectators can be heard yelling ‘feed him brah’, which Nooky has incorporated into the track’s hook. Listen to it below:


Speaking of the new track in a press release, Nooky said “This is just an energetic vibe to get you geed up and go to war. This is a mission fight in song form.

“I want people to hear this and get fired up. I want this tune to hit like the Stone Cold’s entrance music,” he added, referencing professional wrestler Steve Austin, AKA Stone Cold.

Complimenting Nooky’s rapid-fire bars are glitchy beats courtesy of fellow Sydney producers Mansus and i.amsolo, recently known for his work with OneFour.

‘Mungo’ is Nooky’s first new release of the year and a taste of his forthcoming EP ‘Lyrebird Park’, named after the footy field in his hometown of Nowra.

It follows on from the release of 2020’s ‘Ere Lah’ and ‘Always Was Always Will Be’, the latter of which he dropped during November’s rescheduled NAIDOC week.


“It gives a sense of strength and pride when stated, it’s something you can say with your chest and back whole heartedly because this land that we all stand on, is and always will be Aboriginal land and that shit’s undeniable,” he said at the time.

“This shit right here is the new NAIDOC anthem, fuck it, new Australian anthem.”