Check out San Joseph’s spirited debut single ‘Blink Twice’

An infectious first cut from the new Melbourne artist

Melbourne alternative pop artist San Joseph is a fresh face on the scene, sharing his spirited debut single ‘Blink Twice’.

The track premiered on triple j’s Good Nights earlier this week before arriving on streaming services today (June 18). It’s a zesty, summery-type jam with earworm qualities and an infectious hook, licks of quirky-pop peppered throughout.

Check it out below.



“I used to identify more as a moody, melancholic type of songwriter growing up, but ‘Blink Twice’ is a totally different energy, and that’s its point. It’s about leaning into the person you want to be,” Joseph said of the track in a press statement.

Taking to social media to announce the single’s arrival, Joseph added “BLINK TWICE IS OUTTTT !!”.

“massive yeehaw from me and everyone that’s helped me finally share some music with the world. it feels truly wild to start sharing san joseph and the music i’ve been working on, and i truly hope you can tolerate it!”


He also thanked co-writer and friend Dylan Nash, who helped him pen the track, saying “i could not have made this without the brilliance and glory of @dylannash – truly adore you”.

Nash has worked with other Australian artists such as Dean Lewis, Angus & Julia Stone and Gretta Ray, whose debut album is set to arrive in August.

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