Check out TikTok star Peach PRC’s catchy new single ‘Symptomatic’

"This one's for the psychiatrist who called me Harley Quinn - fuck you"

TikTok star and rising pop singer Peach PRC has released her second new single for the year, titled ‘Symptomatic’.

Arriving today (June 25), the catchy track serves as a somewhat serious and relatable message about mental health, wrapped in a sugary electro-pop exterior. In it, Peach sings about wanting to throw away her medication after having a good day or being in a manic period, to which her doctor reminds her that “it’s all just symptomatic“.

Check out the single below.


Speaking of the single in a press release, Peach said: One of the features of my mental illness is I can have really low periods and then swing into an incredible high manic period”.

“When this happens, I feel like I’m invincible and get really excited about doing lots of stuff – like learning to speak Italian, play five instruments, or become a crystal healer! Every time, I think I’ve been cured of my depression and mental struggles forever!”

“My therapist once compared to me to Harley Quinn while I am in this state – that kind of bothered me. Then I thought, why don’t I write a song about being on this high and thinking I’m cured and just embrace the fuck out of the Harley-Quin-of-it-all! And that song is ‘Symptomatic’.”

Taking to her TikTok account this morning, she added “this one’s for the psychiatrist who called me Harley Quinn – fuck you”.


It follows on from the release of her breakup anthem ‘Josh’ back in February, which was again drawn from her own personal experiences with an ex who wouldn’t let go.

The singer, who boasts over 1.3 million followers on TikTok, also called out comedian Alex “Shooter” Williamson for his “abusive, manipulative and predatory” behaviour earlier this year. Williamson was subsequently dropped by his management and from the Sydney Comedy Festival lineup, though he denied any wrongdoing.

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