Chelsea Warner dials back on luscious new single ‘It Be Like That’

The up-and-coming R&B artist’s debut EP is out next month

Sydney-based R&B singer Chelsea Warner has shared a silky new single titled ‘It Be Like That’, landing today (October 20) as the latest preview of her forthcoming debut EP.

Contrasting the bubbly, club-ready feel of her earlier material, ‘It Be Like That’ carries a much hazier and more laidback energy, driven by a warbly synth lead, snappy beat and heavenly vocal harmonies.

On the track’s emotive chorus, Warner sings: “I always filled my life up to the brim, I had to win / I always wanted to squeeze more minutes in / Now that I’ve really had the time to think it’s kind of shit cos / Everything has gotten bad / But sometimes it be like that.”


The track arrives alongside a film clip directed by Hebah Ali, who worked remotely with Warner during the recent COVID-19 lockdowns. Take a look at it below:

In a press release, Warner explained that ‘It Be Like That’ was written as a rumination on what it feels like to “[lose] a sense of autonomy over your life and [wonder] whether your decisions impact your future, or if fate has the reins”.

She continued: “Ultimately, I try to accept that I might not have as much control over my life as I’d like. Over a slick [and] jazzy self-produced beat I explore the idea of trying to trust your journey, but really having to convince yourself.”

Warner went on to say that the accompanying film clip “represents a desperate clinging to predictability and control over your life”, further exploring the track’s themes of “being trapped in your hometown and wondering what else lies ahead of you in a seemingly unpredictable future”.

Noting that she had family members help out during the filming process, she continued: “It was filmed in my family home, so some of my favourite details are things that I just found around the house, like the three red candles, teddy bears, cool old books, weird glasses, cups, bowls, flowers from my Mum’s garden and my actual high school graduation sash.”


‘It Be Like That’ is Warner’s third single for 2021, following ‘Drama’ (which she released back in June) and last month’s ‘Not In The Mood’. Both tracks will appear on her forthcoming debut EP, also titled ‘Drama’, due for release independently on November 5.

Warner is also set to launch the record with a headline show on November 12, taking to the stage at Sydney’s iconic Lord Gladstone. Tickets for the gig are on sale now via Dice.