Melbourne supergroup Cherry share wistful track, ‘Call Me By My Name’

The band is comprised of members of Thornhill, Void Of Vision, Tapestry and The Beautiful Monument

Rising Melbourne supergroup Cherry have shared their second single, titled ‘Call Me By My Name’. Scroll down for the video.

The indie newcomers are seasoned in their own ways, having all played in various hard rock, punk and metal bands. Cherry is lead by Jacob Charlton and Matt Van Duppen, both of Thornhill. Jack Bergin of Void Of Vision rounds out the pack, alongside Adam Pinzone of The Beautiful Monument and Tapestry’s Tom Devine-Harrison.

However, this project marks a change of pace from what fans have previously expected in their respective bands, now opting for subdued indie pop stylings.


The release of ‘Call Me By My Name’ comes accompanied by a hazy music video, featuring fuzzy dreamscapes that hone-in on Charlton singing before switching to bright, opulent scenes of the full band. Take a look below.

Speaking of ‘Call Me By My Name’, vocalist Charlton explained, “the song is about how the protagonist’s partner feels in the relationship I described for our debut, ‘Girls Club’.

“It’s a more detailed overview of how I imagine it would feel seeing your partner crumble for someone else while you fight for affection thinking you’re their number one, but in fact you are now number two.”

Cherry released their debut single ‘Girls Club’ only last month (May 7), which was written during Victoria’s 112-day lockdown last year. It centred around Charlton’s interpretation of what it would be like to be “the main antagonist in an affair…causing the destruction of a relationship with no remorse”.

We started the band and wrote this song during the Melbourne COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, at first thinking that it was just a boredom project that would never see the light of day,” Cherry told Wall Of Sound.


“Fast-forward 12 months and we’ve now got a full band together and we’re ready to head into unfamiliar territory and away from our comfort zone in heavy music.

Cherry have teased a forthcoming EP, with title and release date still to be confirmed.