Chino Saturn shares video for debut single ‘Bloom’

The Melbourne songwriter blends programmed beats with live instrumentation

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Chino Saturn has shared the Aislinn Lowe-directed video for his debut single ‘Bloom’.

The guitarist and producer says the track, which blends programmed beats with live instrumentation, was sparked by beginning to find the beauty in life again after a long period of darkness.

“Inspired by the simple realisation that at the end of any dark saga, if you allow it, there will be some form of light,” the songwriter explains.


“‘Bloom’ to me is the realisation that openness, honesty and reality can be the salvation in an otherwise bleak and harmful time.”

Watch the video for ‘Bloom’ below:

Saturn says the video for ‘Bloom’ was conceived to highlight our inextricable connection to nature, despite humanity’s attempts to destroy it.

“Nature will always find a way to bloom from the darkness as we all have the potential to turn our lives around when we are faced with dark situations or stages,” he says.


“Aislinn took this concept and went above and beyond, adding her own concepts to make it visually stunning and captivating,” says Saturn. “I could not be happier with her work and the way it has all come together. I hope you enjoy ‘Bloom’ and it resonates with you.”

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