Chloe Alison Escott shares new single ‘Back Behind The Eyes Again’

The track was written 12 years ago

Chloe Alison Escott has shared ‘Back Behind The Eyes Again’, the second single from her official solo debut album ‘Stars Under Contract’.

The track has been sporadically part of Escott’s live set for some time, after first writing it 12 years prior. This is its first recorded version.

“Sometimes it takes a while for me to get around to recording a song, and the lyric and the structure will evolve over that time; in this song I changed one word (“another” to “better”) and it’s otherwise exactly as I played it at shows in my twenties,” she said in a press statement.


“It’s about drifting in and out of yourself, and about dramatising life with music.”

Listen to ‘Back Behind The Eyes Again’ below.

The song continues Escott’s pivot to a starker, piano-led sound, away from the post-punk of the band she is known for fronting, Native Cats, and follows first single ‘I Know The Soul By Its Presence In Others‘.

Her forthcoming album ‘Stars Under Contract’, out October 16 via Chapter, is something of a concept album.

“The concept…is that I’ve had an eight-album career fronting a band – not the Native Cats, but a different, imaginary band, let’s say a six-piece with a regular string section – and now I’m revisiting this nonexistent band’s best songs solo, renewed and more confident than ever, surrounded by ghosts and shadows,” Escott said.


“I wanted it to be like John Cale’s ‘Fragments of a Rainy Season’, except that the haunted, spacious piano versions are the only versions. These songs are questions of transformation and shame and self-acceptance over a long, lonely night.”

Earlier in July, Escott released a single entitled ‘Stranger Than Death’, lifted from Chapter’s compilation album ‘Midnight Meditations’. Artists that appeared on the compilation included Sarah Mary Chadwick, Fia Fiell, David Chesworth, Chapter founder Guy Blackman and more.