Chloe Alison Escott shares new single ‘I Know the Soul By Its Presence in Others’

The visual was inspired by Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games'

Singer-songwriter Chloe Alison Escott has shared her first single, ‘I Know the Soul By Its Presence in Others’, alongside an accompanying music video.

The visual was co-directed by Izzy Almaz and Escott. Watch it below:


The track is lifted from Escott’s forthcoming album, ‘Stars Under Contract’, which will be released on October 16 via Chapter Music.

Per a press release, the visual was inspired by Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’.

“Izzy Almaz and I shot this video around Hobart a month and a half ago,” said Escott in a statement.

“The idea was to complicate the meaning of the song and offset its downer vibes a little, using the clip Lana Del Rey directed for ‘Video Games’ way back when as a reference point. Friends have since told me the song doesn’t have downer vibes at all; it’s such a relief to finally misunderstand my own songwriting this way.”

Escott is also well-known for being the frontwoman of Tamanian post-punk duo the Native Cats. She described her new album as a departure from their raucous sound, as exhibited in the dulcet piano tones of ‘I Know the Soul By Its Presence in Others’.

“The concept of ‘Stars Under Contract’ is that I’ve had an eight-album career fronting a band – not the Native Cats, but a different, imaginary band, let’s say a six-piece with a regular string section – and now I’m revisiting this nonexistent band’s best songs solo, renewed and more confident than ever, surrounded by ghosts and shadows,” Escott said.


“I wanted it to be like John Cale’s ‘Fragments of a Rainy Season’, except that the haunted, spacious piano versions are the only versions. These songs are questions of transformation and shame and self-acceptance over a long, lonely night.”

Earlier in July, Escott released a single entitled ‘Stranger Than Death’, lifted from Chapter Music’s compilation album ‘Midnight Meditations’. Artists that appeared on the compilation included Sarah Mary Chadwick, Fia Fiell, David Chesworth, Chapter founder Guy Blackman and more.