Chris Tamwoy announces debut single with Christine Anu

'Kulba Yaday' translates to "old talk"

Fast-rising Indigenous musician, Chris Tamwoy, has announced the upcoming release of his debut single, ‘Kulba Yaday’, an acoustic duet with Christine Anu.

Out this Friday (May 22), ‘Kulba Yaday’, meaning “old talk”, was originally recorded by acclaimed artist Anu. The song features up-and-coming musician Tania-Rose Gibuma on backing vocals.

Tamwoy announced the single’s released today, sharing a special live acoustic performance of ‘Kulba Yaday’ to tide fans over until Friday. The live rendition was performed with Gibuma on location in Deception Bay, Queensland. Watch it below:


In a press statement released today (May 19), Tamwoy said he feels a strong connection to the song.

“‘Kulba Yaday’ is one of my personal favourites,” Tamwoy said.

“I come from a very big family that are music lovers and [the] majority of them play instruments and sing songs. In this case, ‘Kulba Yaday’ has always been a ‘go-to’ song to sing and jam along to.”

The song was written in Anu’s mother tongue of Kalaw Kawaw Ya. In a statement, Anu said ‘Kulba Yaday’ was inspired by “influences of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians that were affecting my social conscience”.


Hailed as a guitar virtuoso, Tamwoy holds both Eastern and Western Torres Strait Islander heritage. He has been recording and releasing music ahead of his debut album ‘Reality’, which is slated for release later this year.

Pre-save ‘Kulba Yaday now, out Friday May 22 via ABC Music.

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