Chris Tamwoy announces his debut album, ‘Reality Is’

The artist released his debut single ‘Kulba Yaday’ in 2020

Rising singer-songwriter Chris Tamwoy has announced details of an intricate self portrait by way of his forthcoming debut album ‘Reality Is’.

In a press statement, Tamwoy said, “My whole album is based on the reality of life. It’s about me and who I am: it’s me as an individual covering every inch, every aspect of who I am as a Torres Strait Islander.

“I wanted to bring in my identity and the clans I originate from in the Torres Strait.”


‘Reality Is’ – set for release on May 7 via ABC Music – was produced by ARIA Award-winning Paulie “Paulie B” Bromley (Ash Grunwald, Katie Noonan).

The release is slated to feature a unique blend of Eastern and Western Torres Strait Islander language, Creole, and English, as well as Tamwoy’s signature guitar-tap style of playing.

The album announcement comes almost a year after the release of Tamwoy’s debut single, ‘Kulba Yaday’.

Translating to “old talk” the track saw the Torres Strait Islander collaborate with none other than Christine Anu, the pair performing in Anu’s mother tongue of Kalaw Kawaw Ya.

The single will be included on the ten-track offering, with the full tracklist listed below.

Chris Tamwoy’s ‘Reality Is’ tracklist is:


1. ‘Damien & Sarah’
2.’Reality Is’
3.’Kulba Yaday ft. Christine Anu’
4. ‘Monkey & Tortol’
5. ‘Yesu Kara Ople’
6. ‘Dear Pop’
7. ‘Waves’
8. ‘Karissa (Don’t Cry)’
9. ‘Healing You’
10. ‘LUV’

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