Christine McVie doesn’t think Fleetwood Mac will tour with Stevie Nicks again

She also expressed doubt about going back out on the road again

Christine McVie has said that she doesn’t expect Fleetwood Mac will tour with Stevie Nicks again in the future.

The keyboardist and vocalist was asked about the band’s future plans in a new interview with BBC Radio 2’s Johnnie Walker.

Speaking on Sounds Of The 70s (listen to the full interview here at the 1:13:20 mark), McVie said that the question of touring with Fleetwood Mac was currently “an impossible question to even answer”.


“If we do, it will be without John [McVie] and without Stevie, I think,” McVie said. “I think I’m getting a bit too old for it now, especially having had a year off. I don’t know if I can get myself back into it again.

“I know Mick [Fleetwood] would do it in a lightning strike,” she added. “But I couldn’t possibly say. We’re certainly not touring this year either.”

Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac (Picture: Nicholas Hunt/WireImage)

McVie also said that she believes that her ex-husband and bandmate John McVie “hasn’t got the heart” for touring with the band.

“[John] is feeling a little bit frail. You know he was ill. He’s fine, but he just hasn’t got the heart for it any more,” she said.

“He wants to get on his boat. You reach a certain age where you go: ‘Hey, I’m not going to bust a gut doing this anymore.'”


Last week, Mick Fleetwood spoke about the two-year memory gap he experienced while battling a heavy cocaine habit.

“It got out of hand way after the making of ‘Rumours’,” the musician recalled, referencing the band’s 1977 album. “I remember not working for two years. I can’t even remember what I did.”