Chung Ha says she doesn’t want to put a “limit” on being “provocative”

The soloist has opened up about pushing boundaries with her lyrics

K-pop soloist Chung Ha has revealed the motivation behind some of her more sultry lyrics.

The 25-year-old singer and dancer discussed the suggestive lyrics from her February single ‘Bicycle’ during her recent interview with ELLE Singapore, and her openness to pushing her lyrical boundaries in future projects.

“In the future, I don’t want to put a limit on being a little more provocative or rude,” said Chung Ha. “If I want to do it, I’ll just do it and not regret the decision. This has been the foundation of my motivation.”


Released as part of her debut studio album ‘Querencia’, the single contained tongue-in-cheek lyrics such like “I know what you like / Sit back and watch me ride,” referencing its euphemistic title ‘Bicycle’. Such suggestive lyrics are fairly uncommon in songs from female K-pop idols, despite being seemingly more commonplace in Western pop music.

Chung Ha went on to share her belief that “the fear of always being the same is greater than the fear of trying something new,” explaining the motivation behind her constant innovation, both lyrically and musically. “The public may feel that they are the same, but in my opinion, it’s an achievement for me,” added the idol.

In the same interview, the singer also disclosed that she will soon be making her return with a new album, slated to drop in late November. While further details have yet to be revealed, she had teased that the upcoming project would include “a lot more” titillating elements teased in her last release.

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