Circle Pit capture their chaotic youth with the video for ‘Neon Idol’

From the band's new 'Wicked Wicked Time' EP

Sydney’s Circle Pit look back on their early touring days in the vivid new video for track ‘Neon Idol’.

The song comes from the cult scuzz-punks’ recently-released ‘Wicked Wicked Time’ EP, recorded with Matt Whitehurst of Psychedelic Horseshit while touring the States way back in 2010.

The majority of footage for the ‘Neon Idol’ clip was also recorded during that jaunt, courtesy of friend and manager Mike Spyros.


Check it out below:

Circle Pit’s Angela Bermuda told NME Australia that the tripped out clip for ‘Neon Idol’ – running at approximately 18 layers of video – is a testament to that moment in time.

Capturing a band quite literally on the run, Bermuda says it sees the pair “Trying to escape both their past and futures. Trying to give it everything but not give up. Trying to love a demonic situation. Trying to rock and entertain in spite of pain.”

Bermuda explains that the song itself came to her in a dream, saying, “It coasted along the surface, rather surfing across the dream, colouring the images that came from a deep rapid eye sleep.”

Bermuda’s bandmate Jack Mannix says the song is the closest the duo have come to their “demented, mutant idea of scum punks shooting for the arena” – a blown-out ode to hair metal and glam rock.


They explain that the ‘Neon Idol’ video is “a time capsule of our intoxicated, hell-bound youth – beautiful and tragic, but with distance comes perspective.”

Having released debut album ‘Bruise Constellation’ back in 2010, Circle Pit have been on a lengthy hiatus for much of the past decade. ‘Wicked Wicked Time’ – released through Mannix’s own Dero Arcade label – marks the band’s first release since 2011’s dream-pop ‘Slave/Honey’ 7″.

Back together and working on new material, Mannix says the future is brighter than ever.

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