Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Cecile Believe and Banoffee lead Isol-Aid #16

Partly curated by the Kangaroo Point protest movement

Online music festival Isol-Aid has announced its return for a 16th consecutive week, with a mix of local and US acts lead by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Cecile Believe and Banoffee.

This week’s lineup was partly curated by #FREETHEKP120, a movement in solidarity with more than 100 refugee men imprisoned in a Kangaroo Point hotel in Brisbane. They chose Soju Gang, Alice Skye and French Concession to perform on their behalf to raise awareness of the movement.

Melbourne promoter The Operator also curated several artists this week. They’ve chosen Billy Davis, Kye, Denzel M, Yung Shogun and Jordan Dennis.


As always, the 16th iteration features an original artwork from artist Sebi White – this time, it’s a packaged face mask. Isol-Aid #16 kicks off on July 4 from 12:35pm AEST on each of the artists’ respective Instagram accounts.

Last week saw the Queensland Symphony Orchestra headline Isol-Aid’s 15th weekend.

Co-founder Emily Ulman told NME Australia today she believed the online festival continues to highlight the issue of accessibility in live music, even as restrictions ease around the country.

“There are people with physiological and psychological barriers preventing them from accessing live shows; perhaps they experience anxiety in crowds, or they physically can’t get to shows, or they’re pregnant, or can’t afford babysitters,” Ulman said.

“I don’t think virtual shows will ever ever ever replace being at festivals or being at live gigs, and I wouldn’t expect them to. But I absolutely think there’s room for both.”


As always, Isol-Aid is free to watch, but audience members are encouraged to donate to the festival or purchase merchandise. All donations raised go directly to the artists and their teams, and proceeds from merchandising sales go towards running costs and the festival’s tech staff, digital marketing, programming and design teams.