CLEWS drop soaring pop single ‘Want You That Way’

Their first release in almost a year

Sydney duo CLEWS have released their latest soaring pop single in the form of ‘Want You That Way’, released today (February 19).

It’s the first new song from sisters Grace and Lily Richardson in almost a year. The track found its feet as an acoustic song first, before guitars and melodies were layered onto the song. They were then tweaked and refined through live test runs and studio sessions, with producer Dylan Adams, known for his work with DMA’S, West Thebarton and more.

The song also arrives with a vintage-feeling music video that features the duo swimming, playing checkers and draped in fishing nets. Watch it below:


Speaking of the song in a press statement, Lily explained the deeper story behind the pop facade.

“I wrote ‘Want You That Way’ on a rainy day when I was reflecting on my oldest friendship from childhood that’s so non-existent now it’s like it never happened,” she said.

“It’s about how lots of different relationships can affect you; your friendships, romantic relationships, your future relationship with the child you’re going to adopt someday, your past relationship with versions of yourself.

“Even though it’s a sad song, Grace and I knew it would lend itself well to being up and poppy sonically – I love Trojan horsing a gut-wrenching story in a fist-pumping anthem,” she added.


CLEWS last single was released in March 2020, a more solemn song titled ‘Feel’.

Lily of the duo recently appeared in Maddy Jane‘s star-studded music video for ‘You’re Not Mine (But I Think You Should Be)’, alongside Ruby Fields, Odette, Annie Hamilton and more.