CLEWS launch new podcast about love, relationships and desires

A spinoff from their latest EP 'Loveluck Omens'

Sydney duo CLEWS have today (May 24) launched a new love and dating podcast titled LOVE CLEWS. Scroll down to listen.

The sisters – Lily and Grace Richardson – took to socials earlier this morning to share the first episode, titled ‘We used to be shy’, along with a brief rundown of what to expect from the series.

“Buckle up for a saucy season of honest chats, special guests and a quest to find out why humans are so obsessed with falling in love with each other!!!” they captioned the post.


In episode one, the pair address a link between their latest EP ‘Loveluck Omens’ – which was released last Friday (May 21) – and the podcast.

“The thing is that… the whole EP has a really strong theme of all the songs being about our journey through life, love and luck,” Lily said in episode one.

“And the funny thing is, we thought we’d make a relationship and dating show because the plot twist is that I’ve never been in a relationship before.”

The episode continues on to discuss CLEWS’ attitudes towards love and dating and how that has changed over time, as sisters who do everything together, now that “Grace has fallen in love while Lily has fallen into the soul-crushing rabbit hole that is dating apps”.

Listen to episode one of ‘LOVE CLEWS’ below.


CLEWS’ newly released EP ‘Loveluck Omens’ is centred around the duo’s sentiments of being lucky in life but unlucky in love. The four-track release was teased with lead single ‘Want You That Way’ back in February, followed by ‘Overluck‘ in April.

Speaking of the EP in a statement, Lily said: “The songs reflect on what it’s like to be forever single, to build a wonderful life without a partner in crime and how never having had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) seems like an unusual predicament.

“As a woman, I have navigated so many ideas around companionship, sex, romance, self-worth, bodies and everything in between and these songs gather all my thoughts on the concept of ‘love’ that humans have been obsessed with since biblical times.”

CLEWS are currently on tour for Next Exit festival, alongside Ocean Alley, Spacey Jane, Dear Seattle and Merci, Mercy. They hit Tamworth and Gosford last week with Batemans Bay and Mudgee still to come.