Client Liaison drop new video for ‘Strictly Business’, sell their “soul” as an NFT

The disco duo’s second album is out today

To commemorate the release of their second album, ‘Divine Intervention’, Client Liaison have shared a film clip for its latest single, ‘Strictly Business’.

The clip begins with the Melbourne-based duo – comprised of vocalist Monte Morgan and keyboardist/producer Harvey Miller – activating mechanical clones of themselves, who work on their behalf why they enjoy a range of leisurely activities. The clones eventually rise up against Morgan and Miller, however, taking them hostage and forcing them to become personal butlers.

Take a look at the clip for ‘Strictly Business’, directed by Peter Hume and produced by the Hutch Collective, below:


‘Strictly Business’ comes as the seventh single from ‘Divine Intervention’, which was officially released today (October 1) via Warner. Previous singles included ‘Intervention’, ‘House Of Holy’ and ‘Elevator Up’.

The band are set to launch their new album with a livestreamed performance dubbed A Night Of Divine Intervention. Taking place at 7:30pm AEST tomorrow (October 2), the show is being hosted by Moment House, with tickets on sale now from their website.

Also announced was Client Liaisons first endeavour into the world of non-fungible tokens (or NFTs). Linking with the themes of spirituality explored on ‘Divine Intervention’, the band have announced they’ll be auctioning off “85 [per cent] of their soul” through the eco-friendly NFT platform Serenade.

In a press release, they said: “The NFT market has captured the imaginations of many. We wanted to highlight the intangibility of this new space and echo the theme of spirituality from out new album ‘Divine Intervention’. At the end of the day the soul of Client Liaison belongs with our fans not us, so to give them the opportunity to own a piece of our soul sits very well with us.”


The auction is split into three tiers – a ‘Client Liaison Soul Advisory Board’ that offers 10 per cent of the band’s “soul”, and two ‘Client Liaison Soul IPO’ packages that each offer 0.5 per cent – and runs from now until Monday October 4.