Cody Munro Moore shares new track ‘Misty Mountain’

The single was released as part of the 'Stay Inside - Songs from the Great Indoors' compilation

Cody Munro Moore shared a new track today (April 18), as part of compilation album ‘Stay Inside — Songs from the Great Indoors’.

Listen to ‘Misty Mountain’ below:


Moore, singer-guitarist in Sydney indie-rock band Big White and co-founder of Dinosaur City Records, said “the track was inspired by a road on the Kings Highway between Batemans Bay and Canberra”.

“It’s about a kilometre from the bizarre ‘Pooh’s Corner’ where stuffed bears sit in a small cave on the bend of the road,” Moore said per a press release.

“As a child I’d always ask my parents to stop and we’d leave some biscuits or honey. There was originally a munitions store there in the second world war, where as a defence for Canberra they’d detonate the corner of the high mountain road to make it impassable. The song itself is not exactly about these places, but the piano I played on the recording was out of tune, like it could slip down the high pass at any mountain.”

The piano for ‘Misty Mountain’ was recorded at Moore’s family home on the far south coast of New South Wales. Vocals and guitar were later added in his studio in Petersham, before the track was finally completed in isolation a few days ago.

“It’s a new day, a new dawning, wake up and hear the kookaburras kinda song,” said Moore.


‘Stay Inside — Songs from The Great Indoors’ is a joint compilation album from Australian labels Osborne Again, Dinosaur City Records, Spunk Records, Blossom Rot Records, Hotel Motel and Inertia Music. NME Australia premiered its first release — ‘Million Dollar Baby’ by Dianas — on April 2.

Throughout the month of April, one new track from the album will be released every day on the ‘Stay Inside’ Bandcamp page. Listeners who buy the album on Bandcamp will be entitled to all digital releases throughout April, no matter the date of purchase. All proceeds will go directly to the contributing artists.

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