Coldplay and Michael Stipe among artists to donate tracks to EarthPercent’s Earth Day initiative

Brian Eno's climate change charity has assembled a lengthy list of exclusive live songs, collaborations and unreleased tracks on Bandcamp

Coldplay and Michael Stipe are among the numerous artists to have donated songs to EarthPercent’s Earth Day initiative, which has launched today (April 22).

Founded in 2021 by Brian Eno, EarthPercent aims “to offer simple and innovative ways for businesses and artists to donate to the most impactful organisations addressing the climate emergency”.

To mark Earth Day today, EarthPercent has shared a list of exclusive tracks – including live versions, collaborations and previously unreleased songs – that have been donated by such artists as Coldplay, Stipe, Eno, Anna Calvi and Jarvis Cocker‘s JARV IS…, and can now be bought via Bandcamp.


Proceeds from sales of these songs will go towards funding EarthPercent’s five core areas of work: “greening music, energy transition, climate justice, legal and policy change, and protecting nature”. You can find out more about EarthPercent by heading here.

“EarthPercent’s Earth Day campaign on Bandcamp brings artists together to offer exclusive tracks to their fans, to be sold on behalf of climate justice and environmental protection organisations. This is what unleashing the power of music in service of the planet looks like,” Eno said in a statement.

“Historically music has often been at the front of social change – think of ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ and Rock Against Racism. Now we’re facing climate change, the biggest challenge in human history. It’s time for us to get out there again.

“We want Earth Day to become a day of real action for the planet, offering a way for any artist, from any genre, at any stage of their career, to make a meaningful contribution to addressing the climate emergency. Thanks to all the artists, their labels, and publishers, and to all the music fans who are making a difference through supporting this campaign.”


Stipe’s contribution to the project, ‘Future, If Future’, is a collaboration with Eno. Speaking about the track in an interview last week, Eno said: “I’m very pleased with the way it’s gone. It’s a very good song, a very Stipe song. Beautiful lyrics, extraordinary piece.”

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