Connie Constance shares rework of ‘Kamikaze’ featuring Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson

"I love Connie's energy and message in this track," Williamson said

Connie Constance has shared a new rework of her track ‘Kamikaze’, featuring Sleaford Mods‘ Jason Williamson – check it out below.

The track originally appeared on Constance’s 2022 LP ‘Miss Power’ and has been reworked ahead of some UK headline shows.

Discussing the track further Connie offers: “It’s about the western beauty standard women are expected to uphold especially those in the media eye. And also the idea that we’re all meant to have it together all the time,” Constance said of the track. “It’s talking about Amy Winehouse and more recently Caroline Flack and how they were treated by the media instead of cared for in a time of need.”


Of his role in the reworking of the song, Williamson added: “I love Connie’s energy and message in this track. Although the initial concept was for me to come in as an additional voice from her perspective, i felt it was disingenuous to present myself as someone with first-hand experience of the patriarchy, so I came at it from the other angle: the male counter, the gatekeeper. The tunes banging, I love it.”

Listen to the new reworking of ‘Kamikaze’ below.

This week, Constance will headline two shows at London’s The Lower Third, with a new gig at Village Underground just announced for September 15. Buy tickets for the new date here.

Reviewing her 2022 LP ‘Miss Power’, NME wrote: “Woven from a great many creative ideas, ‘Miss Power’ could have felt messy. But through Constance’s skilful bird’s eye view, it instead twists the key in the pandora’s box of her potential, re-introducing her unique take on the world. If this is her coming of age, who knows what powers she might unleash next?”

Williamson, meanwhile, released new album ‘UK Grim’ with Sleaford Mods this month. Reviewing the band’s new albumNME wrote: “Williamson’s lyrical muse hasn’t changed much over the last 10 years. It’s less of the kitchen-sink melodrama and more of the dumpster fire shithousery; but the more the gloom becomes normalised, the more we need a band like Mods to fight back. As Williamson puts it on the title track, “in England, nobody can hear you scream”.”

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